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Ascent's proprietary Critical Software Development Process (CSP) provides a highly structured software development lifecycle that is optimized for smaller development teams commonly found in medical devices.

Our process is available for purchase by select customers. On large projects, the CSP becomes a part of the project's deliverables.

Critical Software Development Process Description

The Critical Software Development Process (CSP) is a process tailored to the development of safety critical software for medical devices. For a given software development project, CSP defines:

The activities that should be performed
The order in which activities should be performed
The people responsible for completion of the activities
The documentation that should be produced

CSP complies with the IEEE standards for the development of critical software, and the ISO 9001 standards for software development. CSP is based on software industry good practices.

CSP covers all phases of a software project, as defined by the IEEE:
Installation and Checkout

For each phase of a software project, CSP defines activities in functional categories:
Project Management
Quality Assurance
Configuration Management
Verification and Validation
Safety Engineering

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