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Ascent Technologies has many years of experience with outsourcing software development projects. We have considerable expertise in the development of software applications. We can bring to bear a large number of developers to work on a project at any given time.

The combination results in a dramatic reduction in the time needed to deploy your new product. Our experience can save considerable development cost.

Benefits of Outsourcing

Outsourcing can save time:


Staffing flexibility


Better requirements specification

Reduced feature creep

Outsourcing can provide reduced manpower fluctuations:

Outsourcing helps eliminate the need to staff up internally for a rush project

Keys to Success in Outsourcing

Here are some keys to success in Outsourcing:

Select the vendor with care

Craft the contract with the vendor carefully

Make communication with the vendor a priority, both electronically and in person

Give special consideration to outsourcing the reengineering of legacy-systems

Considerations with Outsourcing

When preparing to outsource, Ascent recommends that you:

Develop a management plan, including risk management

Make communication with us a priority

Be leery of unstable requirements

Avoid double standards for outsourcing work

Ascent Helps Manage Outsourcing

Three key factors must be addressed for successful outsourcing development:

Ensure visibility
Our status reports provide timely and meaningful visibility into the current status of development, allowing you to monitor and assess our progress.

Minimize loss
At the end of the project, we provide training and consulting to ensure a successful transition of the developed work products into your organization.

Protection of confidential information
Our contractual practices ensure that  proprietary data and algorithms are properly identified and are carefully protected.


Ascent Home Page


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